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Loyalty Program Overview
TJX Rewards® Access is a loyalty program (the "Loyalty Program" or the "Program") operated by The TJX Companies, Inc. ("TJX"). TJX is solely responsible for conducting and administering the Program. By participating in the Program, including without limitation by Registering or using a Loyalty Card (both as defined below), Members (as defined below) agree that they have read, understood and unconditionally accepted and agreed to these Terms of Use. If at any point you do not accept any of these Terms of Use, or are no longer satisfied with the Loyalty Program, your sole remedy is to end your participation in the Loyalty Program. TJX reserves the right to amend, alter, withdraw or terminate the Program, including any Program Benefits (as defined below) or these Terms of Use without further notice or compensation. Any such changes may affect Qualifying Purchases (as defined below), which a Member may have previously accumulated, as well as any future accumulation of Qualifying Purchases. Registration, membership and all Program Benefits are offered at the sole discretion of TJX. If a potential Member is under the age of majority in his/her jurisdiction of residence, the permission of his/her parent or legal guardian is required to participate in the Program and/or receive Program Benefits. TJX may request confirmation of such permission at its sole discretion. For further Program details and information, visit Participation in the Loyalty Program is offered at the discretion of TJX. You may not use the Loyalty Program for commercial purposes, or in any way that harms TJX or any other person or entity, as determined by TJX in its sole discretion. To be valid your registration must be in your actual name and the registration information you provide must be accurate at that time.
Eligibility and Registration
  1. Membership is open to individuals over the age of 18 who have a valid United States address and a valid e-mail address. Anyone under the age of 18 will need the consent of a parent or legal guardian to register. Eligibility is restricted to natural persons only and no corporation, trust, partnership or other entity is eligible to become a Member (as defined below). If already a cardholder in the TJX Rewards Credit Card program (the "Credit Card Program"), such credit card program cardholder ("Credit Cardholder") will automatically be eligible for the loyalty program (though must still register as provided below). For purposes of these Terms of Use, "United States" shall be deemed to include Puerto Rico unless specifically provided to the contrary.
  2. To fully participate in the Loyalty Program and accumulate Qualifying Purchases (as defined below) with a membership account ("Account"), an individual must register with the Loyalty Program (a "Member").
  3. To become a Member of the Loyalty Program, individuals must (i) obtain a plastic membership card (a "Plastic Card") at the point of sale of any T.J.Maxx, Marshalls or HomeGoods location in The United States (each a "Participating Store," collectively "Participating Stores") or, obtain a digital copy of the a membership card (a "Digital Card") by visiting (the "Website") (Plastic Cards and Digital Cards shall be referred to collectively as "Loyalty Cards"), and (ii) for a Plastic Card, either (a) provide a valid email address to a store associate at the register when making a purchase (not currently available in Puerto Rico), (b)complete the registration information on the form accompanying the Plastic Card (the "Card Carrier") and submit it to a store associate at any Participating Store, or (c) register the card completely and accurately using the Plastic Card online registration form at the Website or by using the smartphone QR code on the Card Carrier, or, for a Digital Card, register the card completely and accurately using the Digital Card online registration form at the Website ("Registration" or "Register"). After Registration, Plastic Card holders will find a digital version of their card available on the Website. Members may save a copy of the Digital Card to their computer or smartphone, have a copy of the Digital Card sent to their email address, and/or bookmark the Digital Card webpage in their internet browser.

    If an individual is already a Credit Cardholder, he or she does not need to obtain a separate Loyalty Card. The TJX Rewards Credit Card can also function as a Loyalty Card, and a Credit Cardholder may become a Member of the Loyalty Program by either (i) completing the Credit Cardholder online Registration form on the Website, or (ii) by clicking the "Sign up for Email" link on and submitting the required Registration information. A Credit Cardholder may, if he or she wishes, pick up a Plastic Card in store and Register as described above. The Plastic Card will automatically be linked to the applicable TJX Rewards Credit Card account after Registration is completed, so long as the email address used to Register the Loyalty Card is the same as the email address and First Name used to Register the TJX Rewards Credit Card for the Loyalty Program.
  4. No purchase or fee is required in order to become a Member.
  5. As of 10/15/15 all T.J. Maxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods stores in the United States shall be deemed Participating Stores.
  6. Registration requires the creation of a password ("Password") necessary to access a Member Account on the website. Credit Cardholders who Register by clicking the "Sign up for Email" link on are not required to create a password, however Credit Cardholders that do not create a password will only be able to track their purchases by viewing their Credit Card Program account at , and will not be able to access their Member Account on the Website unless they instead complete Registration (including creation of a Password) on the Website. Registered Members are responsible for maintaining the secrecy of their Password, for all activities that occur using their Password and for notifying TJX of any unauthorized use of their Password. You should not give your Password to any other person. You cannot have more than one Account. If you attempt to obtain more than one Account, TJX may terminate your membership and all Loyalty Program Benefits (as defined below) in your Account may be forfeited. It is fraudulent for any individual, company, club, association or group to use or to direct, encourage, or allow other persons to use a single Account for the purpose of accumulating or aggregating Loyalty Program Benefits for combined use, unless such use is expressly permitted by TJX. TJX is not responsible in any way for any loss arising from unauthorized use of a Password or a Member's failure to comply with these provisions.
  7. When you register for the Loyalty Program, you will be asked to confirm your agreement to these Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy (as defined below). All registration information marked as "required" must be completed in full. Accounts must only be used by the Member whose name is listed on the Account. Registration in the Loyalty Program is subject to verification and may be deemed invalid if the information provided at Registration is not true and/or complete.
    Your interaction with any of the TJX brands is governed by their respective Terms of Use (T.J.Maxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods) and Privacy (TJ Maxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods) notices (collectively, the "TJX Brand Terms of Use"). In addition, the Loyalty Program has its own Privacy (the "Privacy Policy"). All of the above are incorporated herein by this reference.
Earning Loyalty Program Benefits
The following are benefits available under the Loyalty Program (collectively, "Loyalty Program Benefits").
All Loyalty Program Benefits are communicated via email. If Member does not open emails from the Loyalty Program to view his or her Loyalty Program Benefits, his or her Account may be deemed inactive (as described in the Inactive Memberships section below).
Exclusive Contests
  1. Members are eligible to enter exclusive Member-only sweepstakes and contests ("Contests") as offered by TJX from time to time. Contests are subject to additional terms and conditions set out in official rules available at the time of entry.
Qualifying Purchase Benefits
  1. Qualifying Purchase Benefits are subject to availability, may be limited to certain geographic locations or Participating Stores and may vary at TJX's sole discretion.
  2. Members who make three (3) purchases as described below at any Participating Store and present their Loyalty Card before the completion of the purchase transaction ("Qualifying Purchases") will qualify to receive benefit(s) typically communicated via email invitation, which may include early shopping access to stores, advance tips on fresh arrivals, free gifts or gifts with purchase, and/or other special offers ("Qualifying Purchase Benefits"). However, purchases made with the TJX Rewards Credit Card by Credit Cardholders who have Registered as described above before making these purchases will be deemed Qualifying Purchases without use of the Loyalty Card (subject to any limitations for Qualifying Purchases as described herein). Purchases made with a TJX Rewards Credit Card within the one (1) year prior to the date of a Credit Cardholder’s Registration in the Loyalty Program will be credited as Qualifying Purchases in a Credit Cardholder’s Loyalty Account upon the Credit Cardholder’s completion of Loyalty Program Registration. Benefits and terms of the Loyalty Program are independent from the points and terms of the Credit Card Program. Qualifying Purchases will typically be updated to a Member's Account within 72 hours.
  3. Qualifying Purchases must be made at three separate Participating Stores and/or on three (3) separate days. Limit one (1) Qualifying Purchase per Participating Store per day.
  4. Qualifying Purchase Benefit(s) earned by a Member will be provided in the next applicable Benefit Period following their third purchase. "Benefit Periods" are monthly and benefits will typically be accrued by the first Friday within a new month.
  5. Once a Member has made three (3) Qualifying Purchases, any further Qualifying Purchases will count toward the next applicable Benefit Period.
  6. Members must register their Loyalty Card within ninety (90) days of the first Qualifying Purchase(s) made with the Loyalty Card in order for such Qualifying Purchase to be reflected in the Member Account.
  7. Qualifying Purchases expire one (1) year after the date on which the purchase was made. Such expired Qualifying Purchases will be removed from the Member Account and will not be used toward a Member's next Qualifying Purchase Benefit.
  8. Returns, exchanges or activity other than purchases will not be deemed a Qualifying Purchase. Additionally, the purchase of gift cards alone shall not be deemed a Qualifying Purchase.
  9. Notice of Qualifying Purchase Benefits will be communicated primarily via email to the email address provided at Registration. From time to time some benefits may be communicated through postal mail.
  10. Except for purchases made with the TJX Rewards Credit Card by Cardholders who have Registered, in the event a Member does not present their Loyalty Card when making a purchase, they will not receive credit for the Qualifying Purchase in their Member Account. Members can check the status of Qualifying Purchases in their Member Account on the Website, and can use the "Add a Visit" tool to add a Qualifying Purchase for which they did not previously receive credit. After Member enters receipt information on the Website, upon verification of Member's receipt information, a Qualifying Purchase will be added to Member’s Account. Only three (3) Qualifying Purchases may be added in a twenty four (24) hour period by using the "Add a Visit" tool on the Website. Upon a Member's request to the Customer Service center at 1-866-517-4685, TJX may adjust such Member Account with regard to the Qualifying Purchase in its sole discretion, with appropriate verification of Member's transaction/receipt number, date, total sale amount, and store number.
  11. TJX may refuse to record or honor Qualifying Purchases in the Member's Account, or if already recorded, may cancel such Qualifying Purchases, if TJX cannot confirm that the Qualifying Purchases actually occurred, or if there appears to be any fraud, misrepresentation, abuse or violation of these Loyalty Program Terms of Use.
From time to time, at the discretion of TJX, certain Loyalty Program Benefits, including Contests, may be limited to Members who have made one or more Qualifying Purchases. Further, from time to time, at the discretion of TJX, certain Qualifying Purchase Benefits may be made available to all Members without requiring Qualifying Purchases during the applicable Benefit Period, or made available to Members who have made fewer than three Qualifying Purchases during the applicable Benefit Period. If Qualifying Purchases are not required during the applicable Benefit Period, any Qualifying Purchases accrued during the applicable Benefit Period will be applied toward the next Benefit Period.
TJX in its sole discretion, may impose a limit on the number of Loyalty Program Benefits in the aggregate that may be redeemed per Account, per day, per Loyalty Program Benefit or per any other generally-applicable metric that may be selected by TJX from time to time in its sole discretion. Loyalty Program Benefits are subject to availability as determined by TJX in its sole discretion. TJX reserves the right to modify, amend or revise the Loyalty Program Benefits available. Members may not rely on continued Loyalty Program Benefit availability. Any Loyalty Program Benefit may be withdrawn, and restrictions on any Loyalty Program Benefit or its redemption may be imposed by TJX or its designee or the third party business partner supplying the Loyalty Program Benefit. Loyalty Program Benefits are non-assignable and non-transferable. TJX reserves the right to substitute Loyalty Program Benefits of comparable or greater value if any redeemed Loyalty Program Benefit is unavailable for any reason. Loyalty Program Benefits pictured in any promotional materials, point-of-sale, online, television and print advertising, promotional packaging, and other Loyalty Program materials are for illustrative purposes only. All benefits provided hereunder are subject to applicable law and any benefit that is prohibited or unlawful as structured in any jurisdiction is void, ineffective and severed from these Terms of Use in those jurisdictions.
All details and restrictions of the Loyalty Program Benefits not specified at the time the redemption opportunity is presented will be determined by TJX in its sole discretion. Loyalty Program Benefits have no cash value and may not be redeemed for cash and may not be sold, auctioned, bartered, brokered, purchased or used to engage in any gambling activity. Any Loyalty Program Benefits used or obtained in this manner by any person or entity will be considered to have been fraudulently obtained and deemed void. Loyalty Program Benefits must be redeemed in accordance with these Terms of Use. Loyalty Program Benefits will not be replaced, reissued or credited if lost, stolen or otherwise altered or destroyed. Loyalty Program Benefits cannot be used in combination with any other discount, coupon or offer unless specifically allowed by TJX. Loyalty Program Benefits may be taxable, depending on the value and type of the Loyalty Program Benefits, and the federal, state and local tax laws applicable to you and your Loyalty Program Benefit. Members are solely responsible for all federal, state, and/or local taxes, including without limitation, income taxes and any reporting consequences thereof in connection with any Loyalty Program Benefits. If required by law, as determined by TJX in its sole discretion, TJX reserves the right to withhold and remit to the appropriate taxing authorities the amount of any taxes due.
Members' Personal Information
  1. By becoming a Member, you will receive emails from both this Loyalty Program as well as emails from other TJX businesses that might be of interest to you.
  2. Members' personal information will be collected, used, disclosed and otherwise managed in accordance with the Privacy Policy.
Inactive Memberships
  1. A Member Account may be deemed inactive if Member has not opened an email sent by the Loyalty Program in the last twelve (12) consecutive months, unless otherwise requested by Member and extended by TJX in its sole discretion. If the Loyalty Card associated with the account has not been used to purchase merchandise at any Participating Store in the last 12 consecutive months, Qualifying Purchases will expire. If a Member Account becomes inactive, the inactive Member Account holder may be required to re-register with a new Loyalty Card in order to become reinstated as a Member. Credit Cardholders will also continue to be subject to the terms and conditions of the Credit Card Program, including without limitation any expiration and/or inactivity requirements set forth therein.
Lost, Stolen or Damaged Loyalty Cards
  1. Members must notify TJX immediately by 1-866-517-4685 if their Loyalty Card is lost or stolen. A new Loyalty Card can only be obtained in store and must be re-registered.
  2. If a Member has a damaged Loyalty Card, a replacement card may only be obtained at a Participating Store and must be re-registered.
Cancellation of Loyalty Account or Credit Card Account
  1. Members who desire to cancel their Loyalty Account can do so by either (a) clicking here, or (b) by calling Customer Service at 1-866-517-4685. By electing to opt-out from receiving emails from TJX, a Member's Loyalty Account will automatically be cancelled.
  2. In the event a Member cancels their TJX Rewards® Credit Card account but would like to remain a Member of the Loyalty Program, a new Loyalty Card should be obtained in store and Registered on the Website.
Modification and Termination
TJX may modify any of these Terms of Use, including, but not limited to, the methods through which Loyalty Program Benefits can be earned, how Loyalty Program Benefits can be used, the types or "classes" of Loyalty Program Benefits available, and the conditions under which Loyalty Program Benefits may expire or be forfeited, at any time, with or without prior notice, even though these changes may affect a Member's ability to use the Loyalty Program Benefits that he/she has already earned. The Loyalty Program has no predetermined termination date and may continue until such time as TJX decides to terminate the Loyalty Program. TJX may terminate the Loyalty Program at any time, with notice on the Website and/or via email to the Member's email address currently on file with TJX for their Account.
Members will have a period of time selected by TJX, which may be up to six (6) months from the date the Loyalty Program termination is announced, within which to use their remaining Loyalty Program Benefits. However, if TJX terminates the Loyalty Program, Members should not rely on being able to redeem Loyalty Program Benefits as the Loyalty Program may be terminated without a post-termination redemption period and any Loyalty Program Benefits remaining in a Member's Account at the time of termination will be forfeited and no compensation will be provided. TJX makes no representation or warranty about the number or type of Loyalty Program Benefits that may be made available after the Loyalty Program termination has been announced, and many Loyalty Program Benefits that may have been available prior to termination will quickly become depleted or otherwise unavailable once the Loyalty Program termination has been announced. TJX may cancel your membership, cancel accumulated Loyalty Program Benefits, reduce the amount of Loyalty Program Benefits in your Account or suspend your membership privileges at any time with immediate effect if TJX determines in its sole discretion that you (a) have acted in a manner inconsistent with applicable laws or ordinances; (b) acted in a fraudulent or abusive manner; (c) breached any of these Terms of Use; (d) engaged in any fraud or abuse in earning or using Loyalty Program Benefits; or (e) engaged in any conduct or act that otherwise causes TJX to terminate or suspend your access to the Website. TJX may also take appropriate administrative or legal action if any of the items listed above occurs. Nothing contained in these Terms of Use shall limit TJX in its exercise of any legal or equitable rights or remedies.
If TJX amends these Terms of Use, it will revise the "last updated" date located at the top of these Terms of Use. For changes to these Terms of Use that TJX considers to be material, TJX will place a notice on the Website by revising the link on the home page to read substantially as "Updated TJX Loyalty Program Terms of Use" for up to three (3) weeks or some other amount of time that TJX determines in its discretion. If you continue to participate in the Loyalty Program by earning Loyalty Program Benefits, redeeming Loyalty Program Benefits, logging into your Account or participating in any other way after these Terms of Use have been changed, you will be deemed to have read, understood and unconditionally consented to and agreed to such changes. The most current version of these Terms of Use will be available on the Website and will supersede all previous versions of these Terms of Use.
Program Malfunctions and Conduct
TJX, its affiliates, related companies, and their respective officers, directors, employees and contractors (all such individuals and entities collectively referred to herein as the "Released Parties") are not responsible for lost, interrupted, inaccessible or unavailable networks, servers, satellites, Internet Service Providers, websites, or other connections; or for miscommunications, failed, jumbled, scrambled, delayed, or misdirected computer, telephone or cable transmissions; or for any technical malfunctions, failures, or difficulties, or other errors of any kind or nature; or for the incorrect or inaccurate capture of information, or the failure to capture any information. If, for any reason, the Loyalty Program is not capable of running as planned, including, due to infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failures, or any other causes beyond the control of TJX which corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of the Loyalty Program, TJX reserves the right in its sole discretion to cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend the Loyalty Program or otherwise respond to the circumstances as TJX deems appropriate. In the event TJX is prevented from continuing with the Loyalty Program as contemplated herein by any event beyond its control, including but not limited to fire, flood, natural or man-made epidemic of health of other means, earthquake, explosion, labor dispute or strike, act of God or public enemy, satellite or equipment failure, riot or civil disturbance, terrorist threat or activity, war (declared or undeclared) or any federal state or local government law, order, or regulation, public health crisis, order of any court or jurisdiction, or other cause not reasonably within TJX control (each a "Force Majeure" event or occurrence), TJX shall have the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the Loyalty Program.
Any attempts by any Member to access the Loyalty Program or Website via a bot script or other brute-force attack shall result in that Member becoming ineligible to participate in the Loyalty Program. TJX, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to disqualify and terminate participation of any Member found to be (i) tampering with the operation of the Loyalty Program or the Website (ii) acting in violation of these Terms of Use (iii) violating the TJX Brand Terms of Use (iv) acting in an unethical or disruptive manner (v) acting with intent to annoy, abuse, threaten or harass TJX its representatives or any other Member in any manner related to the Loyalty Program, or (vi) tampering with, altering, attempting to alter, creating, attempting to create or duplicate Loyalty Program Benefit.
Additional Terms and Conditions
ACCRUED LOYALTY PROGRAM BENEFITS DO NOT CONSTITUTE PROPERTY OF A MEMBER AND HAVE NO VALUE OUTSIDE OF THE LOYALTY PROGRAM. TJX MAY REVOKE LOYALTY PROGRAM BENEFITS AT ANY TIME AS SET FORTH HEREIN. LOYALTY PROGRAM BENEFITS ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE UPON DEATH, AS PART OF A DOMESTIC RELATIONS MATTER OR OTHERWISE. Each Member is responsible for ensuring that the information in his/her Account is accurate and is kept current. If a Member believes that his/her Account does not properly reflect Loyalty Program Benefits earned, the Member must contact TJX to resolve the issue. Any attempt by any person to undermine the legitimate operation of the Loyalty Program may be a violation of criminal and civil law, and, should such an attempt be made, TJX reserves the right to seek damages from any such person to the fullest extent permitted by law. TJX's failure to enforce any of these Terms of Use shall not constitute a waiver of the affected provision, or any other provision. All questions or disputes regarding an individual's eligibility for the Loyalty Program, the earning, crediting or use of Loyalty Program Benefits, or a Member's compliance with these Terms of Use will be resolved by TJX in its sole discretion. By participating in the Loyalty Program, you agree to release the Released Parties from any and all loss, harm, damages, cost or expense, including without limitation property damage, personal injury and/or death, due in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, to participation in the Loyalty Program or any Loyalty Program activity, including without limitation, related to (i) the collection, redemption, revocation or deletion of any Loyalty Program Benefits, (ii) the issuance, acceptance, receipt, possession and/or misuse of any Loyalty Program Benefit or the use thereof, and (iii) the suspension, modification, or termination of your membership in the Loyalty Program.
THE LOYALTY PROGRAM, ANY MEMBERSHIP THEREIN, IS PROVIDED "AS IS" AND "AS AVAILABLE" WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY OR GUARANTY OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR USE, OR NONINFRINGEMENT. TJX MAKES NO WARRANTY IN ANY RESPECT AS TO ANY REWARDS OR SERVICES MADE AVAILABLE AS PART OF THE LOYALTY PROGRAM. TJX is not responsible for any assurances, guarantees, representations or warranties made or implied by any parties associated with or involved in this Loyalty Program, including but not limited to any merchandisers, manufactures, suppliers or advertisers of a Loyalty Program Benefit. By participating in the Loyalty Program, each Member accepts all responsibility for, and hereby releases, indemnifies and holds the Released Parties harmless from and against any claims that may arise from actions taken by such Member or for any unauthorized access to Member's Account by a third party.
By participating in the Loyalty Program, you agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Released Parties from all liabilities, third party claims and expenses (including reasonable attorney's fees) that arise out of or are related, in whole or in part, your violation of these Terms of Use.
Notwithstanding any other provision of these Terms of Use, in the event there is a direct conflict between these Terms of Use and either the TJX Brand Terms of Use or the Privacy Policy, these Terms of Use will govern, control and prevail as to the Loyalty Program, including but not limited to those provisions dealing with limitation of liability, governing law and jurisdiction.
General Loyalty Program Conditions
  1. This Loyalty Program (or any component thereof) is void where prohibited by federal, state or local law or regulation.
  2. These Terms of Use constitute the entire agreement between Member and TJX regarding Members' participation in the Loyalty Program and Members' entitlement to Loyalty Program Benefits, and supersede all previous versions. Except as expressly contained in these Terms of Use, there are no conditions, representations, warranties, by TJX, express or implied, statutory or otherwise.
  3. Loyalty Cards remain the sole property of TJX.
  4. Individuals are only eligible to register for one Membership in the Loyalty Program and may only hold one Loyalty Card. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Members may access copies of the same Digital Card on various devices.
  5. Loyalty Cards, Member Accounts and Loyalty Program Benefits (including without limitation Qualifying Purchases) have no monetary value and cannot be assigned, traded, or otherwise transferred without the prior written consent of TJX or otherwise in accordance with the Terms of Use of the Loyalty Program, as may be amended from time to time. Any attempted assignment or transfer in violation of these rules will be void and may result in the loss of membership or the cancellation of the affected Qualifying Purchases or Member Account, as the case may be, at the sole discretion of TJX.
  6. Loyalty Card must be presented each time a Member makes any purchases, exchanges or returns merchandise at a Participating Store. However, for Credit Cardholders that have Registered, the TJX Rewards Credit Card must be presented for all purchases, exchanges or returns at a Participating Store for purposes of obtaining Loyalty Benefits.
  7. Loyalty Cards may not be reproduced in any manner. Any unauthorized reproduction of a Loyalty Card may lead to a cancellation of such Member Account and may have additional legal consequences.
  8. A Member is responsible for advising TJX of any change of their name, mailing address, e-mail address or any other required membership enrollment data. TJX is not liable for misdirected communications or any consequences thereof.
  9. Member is responsible for notifying TJX in the event that a Member believes Member Account information is incorrect. To correct errors related to a Member Account, Members must contact 1-866-517-4685 and TJX shall make or allow such changes in its sole discretion subject to appropriate validation. Members may be required to submit documentation to support a claim of Member Account error, at the sole discretion of TJX.
  10. All decisions regarding the interpretation of these Terms of Use shall be at the sole discretion of TJX, and shall be final and binding in all respects. This provision is void where prohibited by law.
  11. If any term hereof is held by a court to be invalid or unenforceable, such term shall be severed herefrom and the remaining terms shall remain in full force and effect.
  12. No delay or omission on the part of TJX to exercise any right or remedy hereunder, or otherwise to enforce these Terms of Use, shall be deemed to be a waiver of these Terms of Use or any applicable remedy to which it may be entitled. No waiver shall constitute a waiver of any other term, condition, default, breach, right or remedy, nor shall any wavier constitute a continuing waiver.
  13. These Terms of Use are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, without regard to any conflict of law provisions. Any claim, action or proceeding arising out of or related to the Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy, or the Loyalty Program must take place in state or federal courts of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and you consent to personal jurisdiction in such courts.

    These Terms of Use and any policies incorporated herein by reference constitute the entire agreement between you and TJX with respect to the subject matter hereof and supersede all prior or contemporaneous written or oral agreements between you and TJX with respect to the subject matter hereof.

* NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Legal residents of the 50 United States (D.C.) and Puerto Rico 18 years and older who have a registered TJX Rewards® Access Card or a TJX Rewards® Credit Card (being used as a TJX Rewards® Access Card). Ends 5/31/17. For Official Rules, including odds, alternate method of entry, opt-out procedure, and prize descriptions, visit Void where prohibited.

✝✝Free standard shipping on one purchase at and one purchase at Shipping terms and one time use offer will be delivered to the email address used to register for the TJX Rewards Access program.

*NO PURCHASE NECESSARY; Monthly Sweepstakes ending on 3/31/2018. Open only to legal U.S. residents of the 50 United States, D.C. and Puerto Rico who are 18 years or older who are new registered members of the TJX Rewards Access Program. See Official Rules at for additional eligibility restrictions, prize descriptions/restrictions/values, odds, and complete details; limit one (1) entry per person; void where prohibited. Sponsor: The TJX Companies, Inc., 770 Cochituate Road, Framingham, MA 01701. Neither Synchrony Bank nor any of its affiliates is a sponsor of the Promotion.

Subject to credit approval. See Rewards Program Terms for details.

The TJX Rewards® Credit Card and TJX Rewards® Platinum MasterCard® are issued by Synchrony Bank. The TJX Rewards® Platinum MasterCard® is issued pursuant to a license by MasterCard® International Inc. MasterCard is a registered trademark of MasterCard International Incorporated.